Network Instrumentation Modules

Network Instrumentation Modules CE (Excluding NX-CL1/CR1/TR1), cUL (Excluding NX-CL1/CR1/TR1), KC (Excluding NX-CL1/CR1/TR1) Network Instrumentation Modules are multichannel controllers with Ethernet connectivity (MODBUS/TCP). Start up the PLC, touch panel, and sensors […]

UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller

UDC3500 Overview New Power and Flexibility The UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller packs new powerful features in the popular 1/4 DIN size. Unmatched application power includes: Infrared (IR) Configuration interface, three […]

Temperature Controller

Functions & Features • Two PID controllers*, 2 Loop controller • Universal input x 2 points, control output x 4 points, discrete input x 2 points, clamp-on current sensor input […]

DC1000 Digital Controller

Easy to configure Two different configuration levels provide easy access to parameters. A 4-digit security code prevents unauthorized changes. Parameters can also be hidden to the user to prevent mis-configuration […]

UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller

Overview The UDC2500 universal controller is part of Honeywell’s complete line of ¼ DIN temperature controllers. This digital controller monitors and controls temperature and other variables such as flow, level […]

SDC Controller

Digital Indicating ControllersSDC Series Korean S mark(SDC15 only) The SDC series features PID controllers with full multi-range input, digital indication, and the new Ra-PID (RationaLOOP PID) and Just-FITTER algorithms. The […]