DC1000 Digital Controller

DC1000 Series
DC1000 Series

Easy to configure

Two different configuration levels provide easy access to parameters. A 4-digit security code prevents unauthorized changes. Parameters can also be hidden to the user to prevent mis-configuration of the unit.

Various Control algorithms

The DC1000 series of controllers provide several different algorithms:

• PID or ON/OFF control.

• Heat/Cool algorithms with 2 different PID sets.

• Motor position control without slidewire feedback.

• Single phase control, with or without zero crossover control.

• Three phase control, with or without zero crossover control.

Dual display and Bargraph

Two large 4 digits displays and one 10 LED bargraph display PV, SP and configuration parameters. Up to 8 LEDs display the status of the different Outputs (Control, Alarm, …) and also provides indication of the Auto/Manual and Programmer states.

Setpoint Programming

Two programs are available, with a maximum of 8 segments. The 2 programs can be linked together to form a single 16 segment program.

Extended Alarm capability

Three different alarm outputs are available per instrument, 17 alarm modes are configurable.

Autotuning capability.

RS232 or RS485 ASCII protocol is optionally available. Up to 30 DC1000 Controllers can be connected to a single host computer. The host computer can change the SP, monitor the PV, the output or change the configuration of the unit.

Remote Setpoint capability.
Manual / Automatic modes.
Universal Power supply

Operates on any voltage from 85Vac to 265Vac at 50/60Hz.

Large operating range

These instruments can operate from –20°C to +65°C (-4°F~149°F)





DC1000 Specification