Motorized Valve


 VY51 ACTIVAL™ is motorized control valve for water and steam

Item Specification
Valve Model Two-way valve with flanged-end connection (raised face flange), proportional control
Body pressure rating PN16 (Max. working pressure : 1.6MPa)
End connection PN16 flanged-end (equivalent to ISO 7005-2 : 1988)
Applicable fluid Chilled/hot water, high temperature water, steam, brine (ethylene glycol solutions, 50 % max.)
Flow characteristic Equal percentage
Rangeability 100 : 1
Seat leakage 0.01 % of rated Cv value (0.0006Cv or less for DN15 model)
Actuator Power supply 24V AC ± 15 %, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption Nominal 135Ω feedback potentiometer type (Model VY511XJ) : 7VA
Nominal 135Ω resistance input type (Model VY512XJ),
4-20mA DC input type (Model VY513XJ), 2-10V DC input type (Model VY514XJ),
0-10V DC input type (Model VY515XJ) : 8VA
Timing 63 ± 5sec (50Hz) / 53 ± 5sec (60Hz)