Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Series 9210 High Performance Butterfly Valves for ANSI 150-300 DIN/BS 4504 PN10-PN40

Buttterfly Valve Series 9210 Features

The series 9210 butterfly valve has been developed for a large number of applications throughout process industries. The series 9210 high performance butterfly valve is mainly used for the control of fluids flowing in large pipe at low differential pressure. It offers additional advantages such as simple structure and low cost.

Design Flexibility:

Swing through and tight shut-off seated trim design.

Flange connection versions available.

Full range of bonnet and packing design to suit various temperatures and fluids.

Provides fire safe sealing, which combines a soft seal ring and metal seal ring.

Full range of body and vane material options, with availability of hard facings.


High Cv to valve weight ratio compared to conventional control valves.

Throttling controls 60° rotation, on-off controls 90° rotation.

Excellent control rangeability. Figure 1. Series 9210 Butterfly Valve Design Integrity:

Wafer type as standard.

Double eccentric mechanism.

Actuator mounting flange dimensions in accordance with ISO 5211/1-1977.