1.Advanced performance
The measuring principle is based on Time-of-Flight by microwave pulse technology.
Non contact measuring
Non mechanical moving parts
High reliability, Easy maintenance
High sensitivity
Density, Pressure and Temperature lessaffected
Loop Power System (2-wire)
4-20mA with HART protocol
Wide antenna range
Interactive Windows-based setup software
Built-in display / 4 keys menu driven
LCD 90° step rotation for better visibility
2.Measuring principle
KRG-10 measures liquid levels by transmitting radar pulses towards the liquid surface and receiving the radar echoes. The travel time for the radar pulse is proportional to the distance between the gauge and the surface.
Upon reception, microprocessors and intelligent software in the gauge head analyzes the echoes and transform them into level output data.
The radar pulse is virtually less affected by the tank content and atmosphere, temperature or pressure. Thus, radar measurement is proven to be the most reliable gauging method in the most applications.
Furthermore, maintenance requirements are in fact zero that as no part of the gauge is in physical contact with liquid.
And KRG-10 has a function to remove unwanted echo. By using this function, the user can prevent the erroneous recognition of the reflected wave by unwanted echo.
All this makes KRG-10 very well suited for process tank applications in the chemical and water industry.