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Korean S mark(SDC15 only)

SDC Series
SDC Series

The SDC series features PID controllers with full multi-range input, digital indication, and the new Ra-PID (RationaLOOP PID) and Just-FITTER algorithms. The product lineup includes a diversity of models.
SDC15/25/26/35/36 models have a maximum of 2 control outputs, the SDC45 has 5, and the SDC46 (depending on the model number) as many as 7. In each case there is a choice of relay contact, voltage pulse, continuous voltage, and current output types.
A smart loader package is available for easy set up and monitoring.
Various input and output devices are also available for use with SDC series devices.


Space-saving design with a 65 mm depth (only 60 mm in the case of SDC15), and a front panel just 5 mm thick (SDC15: 2 mm)


Completely configurable full multi-range input selectable from among thermocouple, RTD, current, and voltage (SDC15: group multi-input)


Either on-off control or PID control using Ra-PID (RationaLOOP PID) + Just-FiTTER can be selected as the control method


Heating and cooling control can be done by changing the parameters of 2 control outputs, or of 5 outputs including event outputs


Communication functions (RS-485/Modbus-RTU, CPL) are available as an option.


Control output can be selected from among relay contact, voltage pulse, current, and continuous voltage, and it is possible (depending on the model) to use these outputs in combination with a second control output.


Selection of the desired combination of 3 or 2 event outputs (independent contacts), 2 CT inputs, 4 DI outputs (SDC15: 2 outputs), RSP input, and RS-485


Step operation is supported on the SDC35 and SDC36. These models can be used as simple program controllers
Note: Please contact your local sales office for details regarding the SDC15.


Distributor power supply function is available as an option (SDC45/46 only). No converter is required, so the number of components can be reduced.


A 2- or 3-input simple calculation function is provided (SDC45V and SDC46V only). Without the need for a converter or computing units, the number of system components can be reduced.


Can be used with the Smart Loader Package (SLP-C35)


Network Instrumentation Modules

Actuator/Output instruments

Sensor/Input devices

Combustion safety devices

Data acquisition devices and recorders