Web Data Logger

DL8 Series Web Enabled Remote Terminal Unit
Use internet and your own smart phone to build up remote monitoring system

DL8 Series

DL8 Series Demo Site
Functions & Features
Simple remote monitoring via internet without needing to build up a complex PC based system
Pre-installed user-friendly browser view for remote data access through smart phones or tablets
Four types of DL8 are available: Type A for ‘Browsing’ function with an internet browser; Type B added with ‘Reporting’ function by e-mails; Type C added with ‘Logging’ function with an SD card memory, and Type D with ‘I/O Mapping’ over Modbus/TCP network.
Various network protocols are usable: TCP/IP, SMTP client, HTTP server, FTP client and server, Modbus/TCP master and slave
R8 Series remote I/O modules available to accept a wide variety of field signals


● M-System Company does not provide smart phones and/or telecommunication services.

Model Features CE marking
DL8-A Web server Yes
DL8-B Web server + E-mailing Yes
DL8-C Web server + E-mailing + SD card logging Yes
DL8-D Web server + E-mailing + SD card logging
+ I/O mapping + I/O Marshalling Advanced View


DL8 Series System Concept

M-System’s model DL8 is a remote terminal unit with basic web server function. Various sensor signals are gathered from built-in I/O modules or remote I/Os connected through Ethernet Modbus/TCP, and monitored through Intranet or Internet using a web browser.

DL8 System Concept


Web Browser Views

Users do not need any additional application program to view the data. User-friendly browser views are already installed: Data, Trend and Event Log views. Each one is basic but useful, designed for ease of browsing on a small screen of smart phones and tablets.

Web Browser Views